Shares his views on how Haier captured the mobile industry of Pakistan in
a short span of time
By: Hina Ishtiaq
BM: Tell us something about yourself?
ZQ: I have one and half decade of experience in sales, marketing and management in telecommunication and electronics sectors with capability of handling multi million dollars business and expanding brands reach and product range. In short I have dedicated my life to technology sector.

BM: Give a brief overview of Haier Pakistan?
ZQ: Haier Pakistan is known for exceptional innovation in its product solutions and management model. As an open platform company which provides leading home appliance solutions to its users. Haier Pakistan uses innovation to create smart appliances for its users with the aim of becoming leader and trend setter in the home appliances industry.

BM: What innovations do you tend to make for the betterment of Haier Mobile Pakistan?
ZQ: The idea is to create a brand which provides people with top notch handsets at an affordable price and to keep at par with constant need for change and technology advancement.

BM: Give a brief review about Haier Mobile smart phones and tablets?
ZQ: In Short, Haier Mobile product range was crafted to perfection. Wide range consisting of Klassic, Pursuit and Esteem was established after an extensive research to cater to each and every segment seamlessly.

BM: Do you think Pakistani brands can be a real threat to international brands?
ZQ: Comparing International Brands with local brands is not fair. Brand like Haier Mobile which possess international grit and resources far beyond the reach of any local brand. This advantage in the longer run gives us a huge competitive and technological edge over any domestic competition.

Q6: What is your ideology to compete with the existing smart phone brands?
ZQ: Our ideology is pretty straight forwards. Once you give people more for less or even more for same price they will make transition from their current brand to Haier Mobile. Obviously Quality and technology advancement plays a key role.

BM: how do you perceive the smart phone industry of Pakistan?
ZQ: Smart phone industry in Pakistan is very vibrant and challenging, with many competitors and increasing investment in this sector. Future seems bright and encouraging if proper measures are taken to develop infrastructure and R&D facilities nationally.

BM: What makes Haier Mobile smartphones different from the other devices available in the           market?

ZQ: Haier Mobile smartphones offers its users great value for money along with that Haier Mobile offers an added benefit of Haier Protect + which provides accidental damage protection, accidental water spillage & theft protection. Last but not the least Haier Mobile’s “United we go higher” campaign where a lucky winner gets a chance to meet and greet with Manchester United football team. With such giveaway’s Haier Mobile is already a trend setter in the handset arena.

The vision behind Haier Mobile  is to create a brand which
provides people with top notch handsets at an affordable price and to keep at par with constant need for change and technology

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