Highly commercial and driven, his life is an interesting mix of experiences in various fields and there’s no denying he’s come a long way since then. Mohammad Raza Pirbhai, having a solid track record of 19 years of involvement in the field of Operations and Human Resource Management, has led him to successfully become the Chief Operating Officer of one of the most revered and popular fast food chains, KFC Pakistan. As a COO, Pirbhai is accomplished, determined and strives for perfection at what he does. Among his many responsibilities, some include enhancing, strategizing and attracting new talent for business development. His effective planning skills and coherent implementation of large scale interventions has helped him considerably in channelizing the target set for business development and sustainability.


He entered the phase of corporate world as a management trainee at Pizza Hut and since then, has achieved numerous milestones along the way. His passion motivated him to gather experience in serving various national and multi-national organizations as an integral part of the Executive Management teams. He then went on to become the Chief Human Resource officer at Qubee and proved himself worthy of the position by excelling at his job. He can be considered one of the pioneers in setting up the organization since the time it was launched. His love for hospitability and people development and management made him pursue a career dealing with people from diverse backgrounds and fields – something he was very keen about since he stepped into the professional world. To further hone his skills and expertise, he was fortunate to study at one of the most prestigious universities in the world – Cornell University. Pirhbhai’s hard work and pragmatism in approach and capability in management have led him to deliver successful and significant, positive organizational changes across multiple geographies.  As a passionate learner, energetic with optimistic approach towards life, Raza progressed to be a natural forward planner who inherits the abilities to make instant decisions, critically assess performances and manage diverse teams without reluctance.

BM: How do you feel working with KFC Pakistan?

RP: I have a food career for almost around 14 years, certainly food is my passion I joined KFC Pakistan 18 months back at that it was going through a transformation phase which was a big challenge in which I emanated and worked to make a significant changes since then it’s all been a great experience. All through my achievements and challenges in life, my vision has advanced. My aim now is to make KFC the first choice for consumers in the sphere of QSR brands and I am not far from achieving this dream given my complete commitment towards my life goals.

BM: Do you have your own Poultry farms or you import your chicken?

RP: We have a special vendor which is seasons by the menu foods.

BM: How do you maintain the quality of your food in accordance with the Global standards?

RP: With in the global KFC ambit there is a supply chain system which works with different international markets and they go around and approve the vendors after a complete audit in terms of facility, hygiene, quality and then the taste to meet the international standards. The global audit team visits Pakistan every quarter and keeps a strict check and balance on the quality and standard of the food being served.

BM: What is the procedure while hiring chefs for your kitchen?

RP: In the QSR business there is no particular chef it’s based on an organized system, it is just compilation of ingredients in a systematic manner so anyone can go behind the counter and easily get trained. KFG has a very comprehensive training procedure so that we provide best quality chicken to our consumers.

BM: Social media plays a significant role in the fast food industry. What is your company doing to stay ahead of the curve?

RP: We have dedicated resource that is really looking after the digital side of our business and we have special marketing wing that is covering the digital marketing side. There is a detailed and comprehensive side that we are giving to our digital side and keeping a tab on the digital side of our business. On social media there are a lot of fake pictures and people are playing and we know it but then its on us how to maintain our image.

BM: Nothing can ruin a dine out trip more than bad customer service. How do you ensure your teams are delivering the best in customer satisfaction?

RP: There is a philosophy that we have in the restaurant which is called the “Customer Mania” and then we carefully maintain the care principles. The general environment in the  restaurant has to be such that people are really excited to serve the customers. What we believe in is that if you keep your people first they will keep your customers at priority, a happy employee creates a happy atmosphere.

BM: Tell us a bit about your venture Mitao Bhook?

RP: Mitao Bhook is a multi-dimensional platform that aims to serve the less fortunate with the best of what can be offered. The name was chosen in Urdu to connect on a broader level with Pakistanis from all walks of life. Mitao Bhook can be roughly translated to removing hunger. This name fits into KFC’s ideology of giving back to the community not just in terms of money but also in giving hope for a brighter future. With the help of this platform, KFC and its customers reach out to hundreds of lives, helping curb the hunger for better education, hunger for better living and hunger for a better society. This project lies very close to our hearts and we aim to make meaningful contributions in the coming future. Hoping to spread the message to the people of “Giving back feels So Good.”, KFC started off in the holy month of Ramadan, 2013 and partnered with SOS Children’s Village, sharing the So Good spirit with the residents of the SOS community. To carry out its activities, KFC Mitao Bhook platform went online, offline and on every medium for this initiative. The idea was very simple, a certain amount of proceedings from every Mitao Bhook bucket bought at KFC went to the SOS Children’s Village.

A total of Rs.10 million were raised for the education and training of hearing and speech impaired individuals.2015 was welcomed with another campaign of KFC with The Citizens Foundation. TCF is a name known to many and is one of the leading non-profit organization who have taken education for the masses to task. Set up in 1995 by a group of citizens concerned with the dismal state of education in Pakistan, it is now one of Pakistan’s leading organizations in the field of formal education with more than 1060 schools built in the remote areas of Pakistan. By the end of June 2015, Rs.5 million have been raised for the education and support system of TCF. Celebrating the auspicious month of Ramadan, Mitao Bhook proudly sponsors the research and treatment of cancer patients at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Center. Over the past two decades, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Center has established itself as a center of excellence providing comprehensive care free of costs to thousands of indigent cancer patients. Located in Lahore, this state of the art charitable institute has been founded by the illustrious cricketer and a renowned politician Imran Khan. The Mitao Bhook campaign aims to raising funds for research and treatment of cancer patients at SKMH. In future, we are looking forward to partnering with other organization, all under the umbrella of Mitao Bhook.

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