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Interview session with Mr Zafar Hussain – Brand Business Consultant / IP Advisor / Sales & Marketing Specialist

Having over 10 years’ experience as an “Executive Professional”, Mr. Hussain is an ingenious, self-motivated, and a passionate Marketing & Sales Specialist, Intellectual Property Advisor, and Brand Business Consultant. With a proven and successful track record of working, he holds complete knowledge and command over the subjects of his domain of work.

Mr. Hussain’s experience and recognized competency have rendered him an authority in his field of work.  His expertise is not limited to just one trade; rather it spans over a large scope. He doesn’t tire of the typical nine to five. On the contrary, Mr. Hussain finds passion in his work, striving every day to not only go above and beyond the professional responsibility, but ensure that all work, ultimately, serves a grander purpose for society. His passion for work, positive attitude, and goal oriented approach is projected through his work in Brands Foundation, Who’s Who Pakistan and National Hero Foundation.

Mr. Hussain’s desire and dedication for the awareness, implementation and protection of IP Rights and brand business consultancy are only personified through his work for Pakistan Intellectual Property Licensing Associates (PIPLA), Intellectual Property Association of Pakistan (IPAP) and FPCCI Standing committee for Anti-Fake Products and IP Rights Enforcement.

From the very start of his career he has been involved with sales, but his true professional success started once he joined Brands Foundation under the guidance and mentorship of its Founder & CEO, Shaikh Rashid Alam. Mr. Alam is a true visionary leader and knowledge coach; he is a true intellectual with diversified expertise and has command over the subjects of Brands creation & development along with Intellectual Property rights. He has taught Mr. Hussain a lot throughout his career and he continues to do so; he has always morally supported Mr. Hussain through thick and thin and he owes a major part of his professional success to him.

Today, Mr. Hussain holds the following positions that include; Director Marketing & PR (Brands Foundation), Executive Director Marketing (Who’s Who Pakistan), Director (PIPLA) Pakistan Intellectual Property Licensing Associates, Director (IPAP) Intellectual Property Association of Pakistan, Senior Vice Chairman (FPCCI Standing Committee on “Anti-Fake Products & Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement”) & Director Marketing & PR (Project Brands Of The Year Award).

Zafar Hussain help companies, firms, businessmen, CXO, brand owners, entrepreneurs, corporates, associations, and professionals in resolving their problems, challenges and issues related to brand recognition, brand protection, Intellectual Property Portfolio management, IP Audit, company registration, sales & marketing strategy development, credibility elevation, third party endorsement, competitive advantage, Increase profitability, reduce cost, expand market share, distinction making, achieve a return on investment and corporate event management services.

Mr. Hussain’s passion for various trades stems not only from enthusiasm but rather from years of working in said fields; learning from the experts in Intellectual Property Rights and Marketing & Sales, applying knowledge in a practical scope and gaining his own expertise. His work as Director of Marketing and Sales, Head of Marketing & Sales Departments, and various awards and recognition in Who’s Who Pakistan, National Hero Foundation and Brands Foundation only broadens his horizons of expertise. He has already achieved many milestones, received several awards and recognitions in his domain.

Mr. Hussain has been honoured with numerous achievements throughout his career including;  “Shield of Appreciation” awarded by Governor Sindh, Mr. Muhammad Zubair in recognition & honour of his contributions in the field of Intellectual Property Rights, received “Letter of Appreciation & Acknowledgement” as “Most Valuable Employee & Team Leader” of Brands Foundation (for 2017), “Certificate of Acknowledgement” for “Valuable Marketing & Sales Contributions”, “Certificate of Special Acknowledgement” for “Best Marketing & Sales Services” and “Certificate of Special Acknowledgement” for being “Leading Marketer”.

He visualizes a future where all Organizations strive to operate ethically and create ever-increasing value for customers while engaging their customers in exceptional commerce exchanges over long periods of time. Mr. Zafar Hussain wishes to set up a School of Marketing & Sales where all the best international practices can be taught and there can be focus of self-development. Marketing perspective is universally accepted as a critical element in the planning of business strategy hence he would like to do his part in creation of a market where businesses respect, serve, and deliver value to customers above all else – What’s Promised Needs to Be Delivered!

Mr. Hussain would like to impart knowledge related to Sales and its related tools, so that professionals can use it to read customers and build long term mutual beneficial relations. His brand will continue to evolve, develop and flourish as he does. He has entered the circle of the marketing & sales experts but he still has a long way to go, as the authoritative position he seeks still lies ahead. He wishes not only to reach that position but also help others along the way to attain their desired goals. He dreams to someday become a role model for all who fall under the umbrella of value centric selling.

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