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An Exclusive Session with Zeeshan Mianoor, CEO – Inovi Technologies

Inovi technologies is not a new name for the Pakistani telecom industry. It has already been in the telecom and electronic industry as partners with leading brands in Pakistan like LG, Panasonic, Sony in electronic, Dell in IT and Sony & Honor in mobile phones.

Honor is not a new brand itself, but is a part of Huawei. We have already been partners with Huawei in Pakistan, two years ago, distributing their devices. However, Honor and Huawei broke down into two segments as separate divisions, targeting different consumers. When they decided to launch in Pakistan, the international team selected InoviTechnologies to lead the brand into the telecom market.

With Honor focusing on the youth as their specified target market, Inovi technologies has availed this opportunity to target the youth through them and bring out the best results. Thus, approaching a larger market with reasonable price range, bring forth such exclusive features that are never seen on an entry level before in any other smartphone brand.

Nonetheless, Honor has maintained to achieve success with over 5% market share in the initial month of its launch with its recent models and flagship smartphone. Therefore, we are very confident to see Honor proving itself amongst other leading smartphone brands in Pakistan soon.

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