An Exclusive Interview with Nauman Khan, CEO – Dabur

BM: Brief about your educational and professional journey?
NK: I returned from the US in 1995 after completing my Masters in Business Studies. At that time, there was a Management Training Program being conducted in Unilever, so I joined them. I consider myself pretty lucky being selected amongst the management trainees and I got an opportunity to work in different functions. While I was there, I also got the chance to travel to Malaysia. After 10 years, I moved forward for a better opportunity which is very close to my heart, with Red bull. Thereafter, I joined Dabur. Here at Dabur, whatever we would do, we try to bring the best out of everything.

BM: How did you become a part of Dabur Pakistan?
NK: Dabur is very much similar to Unilever. It products mainly belong to the personal care segment. However, a big plus is that they are based on natural ingredients.  In recent years, people are focusing more on organic and Natural products. So, as far as Dabur is concerned, I guess I made the right decision to work with them. Dabur is more than a century old organization and it started off with Ayurvedicmedicines, then moved into personal care and then food segments respectively.

BM: Brief us about the CSR activities that your firm runs for the betterment of the welfare of the country?
NK: We haven’t done much so far, but we are planning for it next year. We have been doing smaller activities but we plan on doing something bigger for the upcoming years.

BM: You entered the market facing very strong competition, what problems did you have to face achieving the market share you hold today?
NK: As I mentioned earlier that we are not new, Dabur has been operating globally since decades. Our Brands and Products are very well known in the market. On the other hand, when one enters a market, then one has to invest. We have invested smartly and those investments have yielded results. As we grow, we will continue to invest behind our brands because they are the livelihood of the company, our profits are really good that’s why we will continue to invest as much as we can to fuel growth. Our main focus is always on TV medium as it’s our style of marketing and reaching our consumers directly.

BM: What in your opinion is the significance of having a foreign affiliation and Dabur?
NK: Well to tell you honestly, the product quality of Dabur is top of the line as multinational companies never compromise on the quality, no matter what! Starting from production, to logistics, warehousing, transportation, distribution and finally the consumer, we care about the quality throughout.

BM: What is the USP of Dabur keeping in view other FMCG companies of Pakistan?
NK: We are significant players in natural products, our size is much bigger than other local organic companies.

BM: How do you tend to maintain the market standing with the ongoing challenges and growing competition?
NK: We get more response from the urban areas and I must say that we are dominating there. Considering that all our products are imported, we have a great challenge on pricing because it’s expensive when compared to other players in the market. We want to focus more towards the rural areas going forward, as we know there is potential there. So we will be coming up with different USPs and strategies.

BM: What is your vision for constant growth? Is there any new venture being planned by Dabur Pakistan?
NK: Well the market is huge and we have recently entered into new categories. We firmly believe that entering into the market without a good investment will be a futile exercise.

BM: Any message for our readers?
NK: Whenever you go out for shopping, if you are getting something make sure you read the description of the product and have knowledge of what you are going to buy. Because, some of the claims that companies make are fake and have something else in the product inside, hence, reliability and credibility matter the most!

“The product quality of Dabur is top of the line as multinational companies never compromise on the quality no matter what.”


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