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An exclusive interview with Mr. Mustafa Hemani – MD, Hemani Herbal

BM: Tell us a bit about yourself

After graduating in 1987, I joined my father in his business in Karachi, Pakistan. Initially, I was dealing in trading of herbs, spices and other raw materials. Having a vision and desire to succeed, I grabbed the opportunity of moving the head office to Dubai in 1995.

Leveraging the experience of herbs, spices etc. to value added products in 2007, and introduction of Hemani to the world, we started production and over a period continued to grow. Today, we have over 5 factories in Karachi, producing 700+ products, selling in over 60 countries.

BM: Tell us about your success journey with the inception of Hemani

Once we launched our brand Hemani, we have grown as a group. Starting in 2007, we now have 700+ products in 60 countries. With the grace of Allah, we are now established as one of the biggest manufacturer of natural heath & beauty products.

The company has received plenty of rewards from the Presidents and Prime Ministers of Pakistan during the period, such as the Brand of The Year Award, Best Exporter Award, Young Entrepreneur Award, Women Entrepreneur Award, since the past 12 years.

The success has continued with the launch of WB by Hemani in May 2017, a high-end health & beauty brand in collaboration with Wasim Badami.

 BM: How do you enunciate Hemani beauty products, as more useful than other beauty products available in the market?

We believe that nature has solutions to all problems and that people should have access to these treasures. We use natural actives in our products at optimum level where they can benefit the consumers. Quality is never compromised at Hemani.

BM: Who do you see as your biggest competition?

We have trust in Allah, we have full trust in our products as we never compromise on quality. We try our best to set our best prices, this way we are better than our competitors.

BM: Which is your most sold product range?

Our best sellers are the Black Seed Range, Slimming Range, creams for fairness and Coconut Oil.

BM: Tell us about your venture with Waseem Badami?

Waseem being a credible and trustworthy media personality was the right choice for launching Hemani in Pakistan.An idea presented by late JunaidJamshed that was put to practice last year now has 14 outlets across Pakistan with 3 more coming up soon.Apart from this, we are soon opening our first outlet in the international market, at Dubai.

BM: What has been the most defining moment of your life?

First and a tough decision taken was to move to Dubai, the Land of Opportunities in 1995.

In 2006, we took a decision to enter in production line and launched Hemani in 2007.

We really made our best effort and have vast research and by grace of Allah, we succeeded.

BM: You entered the market facing strong competition, what problems did you have to face achieving the market share you hold today?

People internationally were reluctant to buy “Made in Pakistan” products. But we persisted with our range, not compromising on quality and not accepting to remove the word Pakistan from it. By the grace of Allah, after big marketing and sample placement, we succeeded and now we hold our heads higher representing Pakistan internationally.

With the passage of time, we got ISO and Halaal certified and manufacturing according to the standards of GMP. Recently, we got licensed with EQM (Emirates Quality Mark) from the Government of U. A. E.

Our special thanks to K. E. P. Z. (Karachi Export Processing Zone Authority) for giving us all the opportunities and infrastructure, so we could manufacture goods as per international standards.

Our special thanks to PCSIR (Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) for giving us all the technical support in manufacturing of goods

BM: What message would you like to give to the readers?

Honesty is the best policy.With a pure intention to make a difference and help mankind, you’ll eventually succeed.

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