Mr. Mubashir Ali has travelled around the globe and fortunately had the privilege to experience different educational systems. After completing his basic education he moved to Dubai, Canada and the United States , completed his graduation at the age of 22 and started working as an intern for The Democratic National Committee and was directly involved with the finance department for President Obama campaign in 2011-2012. Returned back to Pakistan after 6 years and decided to use his knowledge for the betterment of his nation, since then has been associated with KASBIT with complete dedication and enthusiasm.
BM: What is the basic vision behind the establishment of KASBIT?
MA:The basic vision behind KASBIT is to provide quality education at affordable prices. When KASBIT started in 1999 my father started it from scratch, when he visited USA he found a big gap between Pakistani graduates and the graduates of USA, He noticed the big gap between high and middle class people so he started KASBIT in 1999 as an IT institute in due course of time we introduced management sciences. We have tried to make the system easy and affordable so that the youth of country can be educated and well qualified.

BM: What are the different kinds of courses and certifications that KASBIT offers?
MA:The programs we are offering are BBA, B.COM, MBA, MPhil and PhD. Other than that we are starting school of accountancy where we will offer BS in Accounting and its syllabus is made in consultation with ACCA, CIMA and ICAP.
We are introducing a new Computer Science (CS) degree and diploma program with the collaboration of Professional programming and software developing companies. We are designing a 4 year program that would include 2 years of studies and 2 years of practical implementations of programming and software development which has never been done in Pakistan before.

BM: What has always inspired you and what in your opinion have been major sources of inspiration in your life?
MA:My father and grandfather are my biggest inspiration, especially my grandfather who was  a self-made man and started from scratch, he came from India during the partition in 1947 after losing everything that he had.

BM: What are the hurdles faced by the educational sector of Pakistan?
MA:We being a part of private educational sector are facing the lack of government support and Funding on top of that there is a need for more qualified workforce.

BM: What role do you think the Government is playing towards the education sector and what factors do you think are still lacking?
MA:Too many regulations and ambiguity, the federal and provincial governments are playing different roles and are trying to find a good grasp on what their agendas should be especially since the provinces are creating their own Higher Education Commissions.

BM: What are the extracurricular activities that KASBIT offers?
MA:KASBIT offers extracurricular activities like Students council and student clubs that are responsible for extracurricular activities, students are asked to make relationships worldwide, recently we organized a workshop on production so students visited and learned how production are done they even visited our institute for shoots.

We have participated in different Inter-universities competition. In Business Proposal Writing program and Harvard case studies programs, wehave also won various cricket tournaments, in short we have always performed well in different competitions.

BM:  What are the unique facilities that KASBIT offers that attract students to come to KASBIT?
MA: The students join our institute because we have well-known faculty, a good job placement team, and offer an affordable fees structure.
BM:  What is the reason behind your new campus?
MA: We want to continue with the deliverance of good quality education, there is a need for better equipped Institutes in the Heydri area so we are providing educational and executive business facilities to our MBA students out there as well as expanding facilities for our BBA students. Our new campus has more improved classrooms, faculty and libraries.

BM: Any message you would like convey to the youth through this platform?
MA: Always try to find out the technical skills in which you are best as that’s the weapon to survival because the future is all about technical skills, if you like playing music then get into music, if you like TV shows or videos then go to the media sciences and become good at it, follow your interest and educate yourself at the same time.

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