The world is very strange. In this world some faces should not be posted such as some of our politicians and some religious personalities. However, some faces in this world are so significant; they should be posted on the title of every book and magazine. One of these faces is the face of Muniba Mazari.
Muniba Mazari, belongs to a Baloch background she was born on 3 March 1987. She is a Pakistani artist, writer and motivational speaker. She is wheelchair-bound due to a car accident at the age of 21, this horrible accident brought the best out of Muniba, This accident paralyzed her body but it also gave her the vision and energy to collect herself and start a journey, a journey which became a mission of her life.

As an artist, her first art teacher was her father. She has received Bachelor’s degree in Fine arts. She has also established her brand, known as Muniba’s Canvas with the slogan “Let Your Walls Wear Colors”. Her medium is Oil Pastels, the artist said, “Although it is hard to paint being a paraplegic, it is not easy to paint with a free mind when you are wheelchair bound, yet I know it is the only way through which I can spread the message of strength and courage. So I forget my pain and paint for myself, I paint for people as I believe in spreading the message of ‘Never Give Up’.” She is an optimist with a firm belief in life and its various colors. Muniba Mazari portrays the emotions and vibrant colors in her paintings that are mostly abstracts and depicts the expressions of humans and their thinking and dreams in the form of paintings. Her spirit and creativity have no limitations. Some of her work is simply abstract that portrays the people’s inside, their considerations, and dreams. Her artworks give the message of living and speaking to the genuine identity of an artist.

Muniba Mazari participates as a motivational speaker at various conferences and forums she became a Motivational Speaker, for the sake of transferring her liveliness to the less fortunate and others who can get inspired by the fact of her condition, but she is still a brave Pakistani who not only fought the battle within herself and put herself together strong enough to help others, the first wheelchair-bound anchor, and also the first wheelchair-bound model for Toni&Guy in Pakistan and the brand ambassador for The Body Shop in Pakistan, and one of the Ponds Miracle Women also not to forget she is a singer and no doubt an amazing one.

She has made people among the youth especially her fans, not just by her outstanding work but with her motivational thoughts she is also spreading the message “NEVER GIVE UP”. People look at her and think how a person that has lost her legs can be so lively and this thinking is giving everyone a new chance to look at life with a totally different and open perspective. So she has now started her work again as an academic and content writer. We call such people warriors because they know the value of life and how to derive the most from it.

She has achieved many awards such as being named one of the top 100 inspirational women of Asia alongside this she has recently been made the first national UN ambassador of goodwill she is the pride of Pakistan.
Muniba Mazari has written her own success story and made it colorful with her liveliness and never give up attitude towards life. She is a combination of media artist and has confidence in defining the ethnic gems of her locale in a conceptual way. She broke the stereotype and a biased opinion in the society that people with disabilities are a liability; instead she is working hard to show them they are an asset. Coming across Munibas pictures one is blown away by her encapsulating smile and positive energy which often replaces her wheelchair into insignificance. In a society which regards disability as some kind of curse, Muniba has risen as a phoenix amongst the ashes to become the face of dignity and refined determination. She is seen shedding light on the greyer areas of Pakistani society with elegance and grace.

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