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Google opening a new cloud hub in Portland due to European growth.

This Friday Google announced, it will open a new cloud hub in Poland as the tech company is on growing sales across Europe.

The announcement comes when Google Cloud’s ambitions to expand its cloud infrastructure across the European region. In an interview Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian said Europe is a “big area of focus” for the business.

“We’re actually growing faster in terms of people, customers, revenue here than in any other part of the world.”

Google Cloud currently operates 20 cloud regions around the world, including six in Europe. The company said its new location in Warsaw, Poland will help customers in central and eastern Europe benefit from its cloud services.

Cloud regions include infrastructure like data centers. Basically Cloud computing allows businesses and consumers to store and access data, apps and software over the internet, instead of locally on a hard drive or server.

The company’s CEO announced last week, the company is investing $3.3 billion to expand its European data centers over the next two years.

” We are very very confident in its growth across Europe. Due to its enormous consumer demand for cloud services in sectors like banking, adding central banks in Europe see cloud as an enabler rather than a source of risk.”

“People here in Europe are really beginning to adopt cloud, At some point there was reluctance to adopt cloud. I think now they see the value that cloud can deliver.”

The two biggest cloud services providers in the world are Amazon and Microsoft, they have also been expanding their infrastructure in Europe, while Chinese tech giant Alibaba has opened new data centers in the U.K. and Germany.

The world is getting shrinked due to these resources and companies are catering to the demand at every corner of the world.

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