PINE Global and Haryali Market Online working towards supporting Startups

PINE Global and Haryali Market Online have partnered together to provide startups with a platform to sell their products and reach a greater pool of potential customers. Those who have registered with PINE Global will be entitled for special packages with Haryali other facilities.

Erum Masood Founder of Pine Global stated, “The online platform of Haryali provides small businesses with a chance to expand their business. Startups have the opportunity to sign up with Haryali through Pine.”

Haryali Market Online is all about “Made in Pakistan”, bringing you all your Haryali market favourites online, giving some amazing businesses and entrepreneurs the opportunity to join us online from across Pakistan. It’s all about local products and fresh produce as well as crafts, beauty products, clothing and much more.

Founded by Mahrukh Beyg and brought online by Rabia Aamir at Happa studios, the online platform caters to SMEs, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts looking for an online marketplace to sell their products #belocalbuylocal

Website: www.haryalimarket.com

Facebook: @HaryaliMarket

Instagram: https://instagram.com/haryalimarket?igshid=m29qlicetg5u

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/haryali

Pine Global

Pine Global is a private business incubation setup that nurtures startups. The program is developed under the guidelines of the ‘Youth Entrepreneurship Policies’ by the Commonwealth. PINE is backed by some of the most successful companies that once started out as startups themselves, including Shajar Capital and Osmani and Co.


Mahrukh Beyg

Founder Haryali Market and co founder, Haryali Market Online, Mahrukh Beyg always wanted to do something productive and make an actual difference so she joined several NGOs involved in poverty eradication and food provisions for the poor in Pakistan.

Married in her teens,she was never expected to be someone more than a homemaker. However, life had other plans. Mahrukh started working to survive making her the first woman to work in her family.

Haryali is all about breaking the stereotypical mindset embedded in the society. Building on its current success, Mahrukh aims to expand it nationally so that it becomes a beacon of light for women empowerment and young entrepreneurs in the eyes of the global world.

“Believe in yourself, trust yourself and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Stay true, stay humble and God will help you find your way.”

Rabia Aamir

Rabia Aamir, co founder Haryali Market Online has been the force behind taking this unique concept online through Happa studios, her core business.

As Director Strategy at Happa studios, Rabia Aamir saw the immense potential in Haryali Market and how it could cater to SMEs and homebased businesses, mostly led by women. As a keen advocate of women economic empowerment, she recognised that Haryali Market was perfectly positioned to go online, facilitating the thousands of small businesses already operating in Pakistan.

“Our purpose is to create social impact through this online platform by empowering women and creating communities. This is just the beginning.”

Erum Masood

Adviser Asia Commonwealth Businesswomen’s Network, PR & Marketing Consultant, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Trainer and Social Worker and the CEO of PINE Global. She is a dynamic Entrepreneur and PR expert who is a mentor and a trainer for the youth entrepreneurs.

With her diverse experience in marketing and media, she has enabled 9 start-ups since 2017 into becoming independent, successful entrepreneurs/ individuals. She offers training courses to aspiring entrepreneurs, empowering them to start and run their own businesses and has trained 18 Start-ups with her committed mentorship.

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