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The two day activity of Robo Quartz RQ4 took place at Dolmen Mall

A public affair activity is always successful and it was proved after the two day activity by Total Parco for the launch of Robo Quartz RQ4 for the Quartz range of lubricants.

The campaign was the 4th in the Robo Quartz series based on the international Quartz Brands concept developed by the Total Group. The group has incorporated worldwide feedback in order to develop a new and improved version of the concept so that it clearly depicts the superior quality and performance or Quartz range of car engine oils.

The awareness campaign was organized for two days at DMC where the public came to enjoy interactive games yet informative sessions explained by the host Ahmed Godil and celebrity guest Adnan Siddiqui. Interesting games were organized for kids like PS-4, live pictures, VR activity and many more, moreover the host Ahmed made people sing and dance to engage the audience. Lastly, a lucky draw was announced for people who filled the coupons, a 48 inch LED TV was given by celebrity guest Adnan Siddiqui.

Overall, it was certainly a very interactive and informative session for brand building and such activities should be organized to enlighten people regarding the use of a certain brand like Total Parco.

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