Photowalk to Recreate the love for Aladdin, once again.
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Photowalk to Recreate the love for Aladin, once again.

It is our immense pleasure to bring into your consideration that there has been an event taking place at Aladdin Amusement Park. The main purpose of the event is to endeavour in bringing people together who can share the love of photography by exploring Aladin Park.

The event brings you one of a kind opportunity for the young generation where they can share their thoughts and ideas through photography that will help them learn and grow in multiple ways.

Through this event, the people will get to know each other better, share each other’s perspectives, which will not only help them explore, but also enjoy and create a better understanding of one of the largest amusement park of Pakistan, Aladin.

Moreover, the best facilities will be provided to the guests who are going to be there. Without giving a second thought get yourself registered and be a part of this magnificent event that has never happened before.

Kindly click on the link below to get yourself registered:
Aladin Photowalk

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