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Nestle Pure Life is all set to realign its brand identity for a future worth waiting for!

With a name known to all, Nestle Pure Life has once again pushed the bar to another level launching a campaign designed to realign its brand’s identity. Focusing readily on the health of their customers, families and generations in the coming, Nestle Pure is aimed towards championing the cause of pure water. The new direction is set to take steps forward with a positive impact on the consumers’ lives and their future. And under all this new brand direction, Nestle Pure Life will now have a slogan “Behtar Mustaqbil Aaj Se.”

On this new venture, Nestle Pure Life organized a Healthy Hydration Meetup, which was attended by key opinion leaders, socialites, nutritionists, beauticians, fitness trainers, famous bloggers, social media influencers and twitteratis.

At the occasion, Nestle Pure Life’s Brand Manager, Affan Cheema and Iraj Sohail defined the idea and shared how the idea behind this realignment is to give the brand a deeper purpose, further aiming to champion this cause for a better future for the upcoming generations.

They stated:

“Under its new identity, Nestle Pure Life will expand its perspective from its initial focus on healthy hydration for the family and individuals, towards a more holistic planet wide approach. Nestle Pure Life aims to become a global leader in water preservation and protection for the benefit of our future generations. By establishing itself as the pioneer among water brands working for a water sustainable future, Nestle Pure Life is looking to incorporate these higher goals into its brand identity.”

The new venture and realigned brand identity was highly appreciated by people present at the event from all walks of life for the initiatives taken by Nestle Pure Life towards its new goal. Hosted by RJ nad celebrity Khalid Malik, the night came to an end with fun filled and exciting activities for all guests, marking a memory worthwhile.

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