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#Fitin5 & #Fixit – Lose weight for a social cause

Have you ever tried to lose weight and donate something as an outcome of your success? Well, working out reap benefits but what is the purpose of only living for yourself. This is the reason with which Fixit and Fitin5 have joined hands to make every pound shed count.

Last year, ‘Fit for Cause’ took the same initiative through which Mustafa – the brainchild behind this tremendous step – doubled every fifty rupees donated on losing a kilo of weight. Furthermore, he also donated 50 Rs per share of the picture uploaded by participants in which they reveal about their weight loss. The amount collected and doubled through this motivational step of losing weight was donated to Indus Hospital.

This year again, Fit in 5 has joined hands with Alamgir Khan of fixit fame to donate all the money collected through weight loss boot camp to Fixit’s ‘Iqra Orphanage’ Thus the idea behind this entire losing weight and donating campaign is to give back to the community and help bring a positive change.

Alamgir Khan, Fixit, while exclusively talking to Brands Magazine regarding this social cause said:

“Like always, in our quest to bring a positive change in this society pointed out the issues faced by orphans in this country. More than 12 lac chidren in this country are on roads, forced to do child labour in an age when they should be committing to their education only. Thus we decided to do something for the future of these children, as they are the foundations of this society. So we began with the initiative of Iqra Orphanage, for which the ground to lay the building has been donated. We already have Iqra Sweet Home, in which we are taking the full responsibility of around 60 children but this time we want to go on a scale as big as 300.

This is when Fit in 5 approached us and told that they want to do some sort of social campaigning with Fixit. With their help, we have infixed donation boxes on various public parks and place. Also through their weight loss boot camp, anyone who loses a kg will have to donate 50 Rs which will be further doubled by Fit in 5. With their help we are going to different colleges and universities to place donation boxes for orphanage, to make the campaign more accessible for all. No matter how much I thank the team for this help that would be less”

Talking about his diversion from civic issues, he also said that Fixit had been working for civic problems since a long time but now it will also be focusing on education, health and other sectors. Committing in international donations Alamgir said:

“For now, Fixit isn’t a registered entity with SECP but it will soon be affiliated with a proper bank account. But Iqra Sweet Homes is properly registered and those residing in foreign countries and wish to donate can go through our website and get the account details”

The initiative taken by fit in 5 for helping Fixit with the proper residence of orphans is worth applauding. Thus the decision to lose weight alongside helping others is really fruitful in nature. Here are the pictures of the weight loss and donations boot camp.

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