Predictions 2017 - A year full of surprises
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Predictions 2017 – A year full of surprises

2017 will be a year full of economic troubles and great social unrest. Some of us may feel a sense of helplessness, as we see our world lurch forward uncontrollably towards even tougher times. Here are some of the major predictions made for 2017 which will affect the whole world with a prominent affect in Pakistan and its economy.


  1. A year for global warming: Six-months period from January to June will be the planet’s warmest half-year on record, with an average temperature of 1.3 degrees Celsius, warmer than last year.
  2. Discovery of a new planet: A planet, the size of Neptune, has been claimed to be discovered but will be revealed in January.
  3. Natural Disasters: Rain, tornadoes, earthquakes, and snowstorms will hit major countries including the biggest disaster to hit US and Europe.
  4. ISIS: 2017 is going to be the end for ISIS as US and UNO will end its terror from face of the earth.
  5. Syria Invade: It is predicted that Syria will be invaded by non other than the US, to give them a free state under the nose of ‘Great America.’
  6. WWIII: Talks of World War III will revolve, which will include superpowers like US, Russia and some major countries of Europe on the cause of invading Syria, but it will not happen.
  7. Bad Politics: US will witness its worst political year.
  8. Fish Death: Millions of fishes will die on the coasts of Brazil, Bollivia and Chile due to the increasing pollutants in sea.
  9. Words,  Words, Words: The first Lady of United States’ speech will cause an explosion in the world media.
  10. Diseased: A year with discoveries and new viruses that will cost thousands to deaths (mostly in Africa).


  1. Kashmir: Pak-Indo LOC will shed blood over the unresolved issue of Kashmir.
  2. CPEC: Launch pad for Pakistan’s Economic boost gets interest from some of the biggest brands to get their ships on board at the deepest seaport of the World.
  3. Protest: A year full of protests and more drama from different political parties. Islamabad will be shut down for at least a week or more once again.
  4. Earthquake: Mother nature will shake some parts of Pakistan to its worst conditions and some to be absolute from the face of earth as well (God Forbid)
  5. Solar Energy: The biggest solar energy will launch in Pakistan that will help overcome power issues.
  6. Sun on the Face: Our homeland will be witnessing the hottest year since its independence, costing thousands to deaths.
  7. Education: The biggest rise in the most educated countries of the world will be topped by Pakistanis.
  8. Defence: After many successful launches of weapons for destruction, the military will launch some fascinating weapons to be the most lethal military in the World.
  9. Recession: Biggest companies and businessmen of the world will invest in Pakistan due to CPEC, which will provide a better future to Pakistan; its economy and people and will also cope up with the ongoing recession.
  10. A year of Sorrow: Nation will mourn for the loss of some of the biggest names and Prides of Pakistan.

I believe that many of the following predictions will take place in 2017 or may be even further ahead – possibly within 2 to 3 years.

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