Life in Karachi turns chaotic after rain
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Life in Karachi turns chaotic after rain

After a long struggle under the blistering heat, people of Karachi were blessed with the beauty of monsoon season hitting the city with a weather worth enjoying every moment.

But, like every other monsoon season, the city is in a turmoil. Instead of enjoying the rain and season, people have been complaining of issues like dirt & garbage, water on the streets & roads and obviously the undying issue of load shedding.

Though we saw social media pouring down with pictures and posts of individuals enjoying the weather with sheer joy, many equally complained of the chaos they are facing in the shape of continuous load shedding and flooding streets/roads in the city.

At least eight people have been killed in different rain-related incidents across Karachi, as adjoining areas receive intermittent rain since Wednesday evening.

As the city falls into darkness, its said that over 481 feeders of K-Electric have tripped due to the rain.

Unfortunately, it’s sad to see that even after such great chaos found across the city of lights, CM Sindh and the Mayor of Karachi have both been missing, and apparently vanished from sight. Hence, with yet another great expectations came utter disappointment.

Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has predicted more rainfall for the weekend. So, blessing or not, happy monsoon season everyone!

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