Indian Movies, Products and Actors, Not allowed in Pakistan
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Indian Movies, Products and Actors, Not allowed in Pakistan

Since the beginning of the Pakistan and India cold war; with Kashmir being the target in between, we have come to view many blunt statements, threats, criticisms, and international debates.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, along with their UN Ambassador and Army Chief, think that with the war of words from their end; we Pakistanis will stay quiet and let our leaders fight this war alone. These Indian politicians think that threatening our artists and considering going against the Indus Waters treaty would invoke fear and panic among us, but what they think is absolutely WRONG!

Today, talking on behalf of all the people of Pakistan; we do not need India – their movies, products, and actors. It is India who needs us and our talent. The Pakistani cinemas have already banned the Bollywood content, however, this ban should be placed on all Indian brands, products, and investments; whether in the shape of trade or the media industry.

India is not allowed in Pakistan!

We have our natural beauty, skills, brands, and talent…way better than India. In fact, it was the neighbouring country that was making the use of our artists for the growth of their industries – be it corporate or media.

We have no personal grudges against the people of India, but the situation that we have at hand and the statements that are being received from the other side have invoked this anger. We shall stand with our Army, our armed forces, and our government. We shall stand and protest against the Indian atrocities and show them that we have the power to isolate them.

“We – the people of Pakistan!”

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