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Farhan Qureshi discussed the future of digital in Pakistan at the recent event organised by MAP

With the growth of digital media across the globe, all one can talk about is how the medium is taking over every little entity on earth.

The event was graced by renowned personalities of the marketing world including, Mr. Jerjees Seja (ARY), Mr. Mansoor Karim (Orientm-MacCann), Mr. Talib S Karim (President MAP) and many more to name. However, the reason to everyone’s presence was for sure the brains behind the discussion, Chief Guest & Speaker Mr. Farhan Qureshi – Regional Head at Google.

Beginning he event with the recitation from the Holy Quran, Farhan Qureshi took to the stage and caught everyone’s attention from the word GO! He explained how digital is going to take over the world within the the next few years, and the test runs have already began with Google going ahead with full swing. Going into details, he defined 3 factors:

  • Machine Learning
  • Connectivity
  • Business Disruption Models

Farhan Began by briefly explaining the basic meaning of ‘Machine Learning’, defining that it’s basically computer science that gives machines the ability to study oneself without being completely programmed, artificial intelligence can also be mined into this category. While discussing the subjects mentioned above, he explained the following;

Growth of Digital Landscape in Pakistan

  • there are 42.3M  broadband connections
  • there is 140% connectivity growth
  • from 16B population, every person is rounding up an investment of $0.75 for 3G & 4G connectivity
  • 67% of the entire online users primarily use mobile phones for access

Pakistani Consumption of Digital Content

  • 100M video content is consumed daily in the country
  • There are 60M searches everyday
  • Whereas, there are over 1M+ searches on apparel

There had always been a debate on who had the maximum eye view and reach to the digital content, where we all believed that men had over rated women here as well, however Farhan explained and showed something completely different. According to him;

  • there is a major difference in the gender ratio – 52/48 – with women leading the count
  • whereas there was an astonishing sale worth 3B this year Daraz’ Black Friday Sale

However what shocked us most was that there has been 200B minutes of video watched in the last 12 months, which apparently is equal to 383,000 years of video being watched in a year. Who would have thought that!

How is Google Looking at Pakistan

He discussed how Google was looking at Pakistan and said that the country had been an asset into providing large scale revenue for the organization, further naming the leading brands; Alphabet (Parent company of Google), Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, as well as P&G and Coca-Cola.

But that was not all, as Pakistan profited the company so did Google in return whilst playing its part equally through; ‘Google Play Store’ with direct carrier billing, ‘G-Board’ support for Urdu, ‘The NEST’ for entrepreneurs, ‘hello’, a cloud voice support for Urdu, along with YouTube partner program, Datally launch and GOSF Pakistan.

Thus, he explained briefly and how Google is converting our lives with merely voice notes or a simply touch, covering all our daily needs whether its food, travel, reminders or events, Google is all set to make a change and we are ready to embrace it!

The discussion concluded with a question/answer session, after which Mr. Farhan Qureshi was honoured by the committee of the Marketing Association of Pakistan (MAP) with the presentation of Momento.

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