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Exclusive Interview with Mr. Arsalan Hashmani, CEO – Hashmanis Hospital

Arsalan is a graduate of the University of Waterloo where he completed his bachelors in Accounting and Financial Management. He has a masters degree in Accounting and is a Certified Financial Analyst (CFA).

Arsalan has experience working in various different industries such as health care, real estate, banking, finance, public services, consulting and hospitality. He has experience working with both small cap and big cap companies such as Capgemini and Scotiabank. Currently, Arsalan runs a property and land development firm with operations in Canada and Pakistan. He is the CEO of the Hashmanis Group of Hospitals, the Vice President of the Hashmanis Foundation, the Vice Chairman of the World Memon Organization Global Youth Wing – Pakistan and a member of the United Nations Association of Pakistan.

BM: Enlighten us with your success story. Was your indulgence in this field a result of passion or coincidence?

AH: It’s a little bit of both. Initially I was unsure of what I wanted to do. Throughout my professional career I had the opportunity to experience different industries and workplaces; this exposure helped me pick professions I was really interested in until of course I found my true calling.  When I returned to Pakistan, I was focused on starting something of my own. That’s when I expanded operations to Pakistan of my real estate development enterprise that I set up in Toronto.

Six months after I landed in Karachi I visited Hashmanis Hospital to get my eyes checked and that’s when I realized the scope of work that needed to be done in order to provide accessible and affordable healthcare to Pakistanis. Before deciding to join, I of course performed my due diligence and noticed that there is a shortage of hospitals, doctors and paramedic staff in Pakistan. To add to the problem, the existing infrastructure is subpar relative to international healthcare delivery standards. I realized that Pakistan needs a better healthcare delivery model and a better healthcare infrastructure. With this realization I decided to join Hashmanis Hospital and evolve it from a single specialty hospital to a tertiary care hospital.

In my two year tenure, the hospital base has grown to five hospitals and the specialty base has grown from a single speciality to over twenty five specialties.

BM: Give a little brief of the background and growth of Hashmanis Hospital in Pakistan.

AH: The journey of Hashmanis Hospital started in the early 80s as a one doctor clinic. We grew as an organization from this starting point slowly adding new technologies, equipment and consultants.  Today, we are the leading eye hospital chain of Pakistan offering technologies and procedures available at only a select institutions in the world. Hashmanis hospital operates five hospital in Karachi and one first aid centre in Ocean Mall. Apart from this, we have now evolved from an eye hospital to a tertiary care hospital offering services in over 25 specialties such as gynaecology, general surgery, paediatric, neurology etc. Our vision is to take all other specialities to the same level of excellence and quality as that of which we proudly claim in eye-care. We are actively involved in research work and to date we have published over 10 research articles in high impact factor international journals. In fact, our doctors have represented Pakistan in several international conference. The next conference is the ARVO annual meeting in Hawaii where two of our doctors are participating as Speakers.

BM: What are the standards and services of Hashmanis Hospital that set it apart from its competitors in the field of medicine?

AH: Employing, training and empowering the right talent to be this best version of themselves is what we aspire to. We employ the leading surgeons of the city and host a training program that trains younger surgeons. We organize an ophthalmology conference quarterly where leading consultants of Pakistan participate to share insights and international subject matter experts share new developments in the field.

Our patients choose Hashmanis Hospital for our consistent quality of care. We have diagnosed and treated cases that other international hospitals could not treat. This reputation has earned us great respect internationally due to which we have a diverse international patient base.

We regularly conduct clinical audits to ensure that the quality of care provided by our consultants across our five hospitals is consistent. In addition, we conduct research, which subsequently gets published in international journals, to find new insights and clinical solutions.

BM: Enlighten us about the CSR activities that Hashmanis Hospital commits to?

AH: To date we have conducted over 750 medical camps across Pakistan. We focus on areas where basic health care is inaccessible. We have a welfare wing at all five of our hospitals which provides subsidized and free of cost services to patients. Our motto is that any patient entering our door requiring treatment should be given treatment regardless of his financial capacities. To this end, we are performing over 400 surgeries monthly free of cost at our two welfare hospitals, in North Karachi and in Ranchorline. Overall, we screen and treat tens of thousands of patients monthly free of cost and perform over 500 surgeries across 25 specialties. We organize around 30-40 medical camps on a monthly basis. Our plans for the next 6 months include medical camps in Thatta and Gwadar, and to open up a welfare hospital in Thatta.

In addition, we have recently signed an understanding with the Sri Lankan Eye Bank Society to implant corneas of donated eyes to patients in Pakistan. In other words, patients on the verge of blindness will be able to see again through this program. We encourage everyone to send us patients and those wishing to contribute to this great our can get in touch with our foundation manager for zakat and donations.

BM: Is Hashmanis Hospital running any awareness campaign for the people across Pakistan regarding the need of health care?

AH: For raising awareness, we are opening satellite first aid centres and satellite clinics in different areas of Karachi. The first centre opened up in Ocean Mall with plans of opening up more centres like this in the future. We welcome all partnerships to this end because a single institution can only do so much. We are currently working on opening up a primary care centre in Nazimabad where basic eye care services of screening and diagnosing patients will be available.

We are very active on social media and provide awareness on various topics through that medium. If you are interested in health related updates do follow us there. Lastly, we organize 30-40 medical camps on a monthly basis; these medical camps not only provide primary care services to patients in their neighbourhood but also gives them the necessary education of how to better care for their health

BM: Please tell us about your evolution to a multi-disciplinary tertiary care hospital?

AH: Our Saddar hospital started as a 10 bedded primary care hospital. In two years we have transformed this hospital to ac 80 bedded tertiary care hospital equipped with all the modern technologies. The hospital has critical and intensive care staff round the clock. This hospital is equipped with Operation theatre complexes, ventilators, intensive and neonatal intensive care units, round the clock casualty, laboratory and radiology services. It offers services in over 25 specialities. Currently, we are in talks with the government to provide free vaccination services to new born children. To top it all off, due to our locality most of the work is done either on subsidized rates or free of cost through zakat. This is just the starting – we plan on expanding this hospital to at least 200 beds.

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