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Things Elon Musk believes that makes the world think he is crazy

Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has an interesting way of looking at both the world and the universe. Just recently Musk announced his plan to use a SpaceX rocket to transport people to points around the world in just 30 minutes.

Maybe what he says is crazy. Maybe it’s pure genius. It’s likely, a little of both.


Musk has said he wants to begin sending humans to Mars by 2024:-

We’re establishing cargo flights to Mars that people can count on,” he said in June 2016. “The Earth-Mars orbital rendezvous is only every 26 months, so there’ll be one in 2018; there will be another one in 2020. And I think if things go according to plan, we should be able to launch people probably in 2024 with the arrival in 2025.”


He has even shared his vision for a Martian government:-

I think most likely the form of government of Mars would be a direct democracy, not representative,” he said during the Code conference last year. “So it would be people voting directly on issues. And I think that’s probably better because the potential for democracy is substantially diminished.


If Mars doesn’t pique your interest, you could still take a ride in a Space-X rocket to travel around the world:-

Musk has revlead plans to build a rocket that will travel the world in less than “Most of what people consider to be long-distance trips would be completed in less than half an hour,” he said at the International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide, Australia on Friday.


 Musk has said dissuading people from using self-driving cars is tantamount to killing them:-

Musk made those remarks in October 2016 when he criticized the media’s coverage of accidents involving Tesla vehicles using Autopilot. “One thing I should mention that is, frankly, it’s been quite disturbing to me, is the degree of media coverage of Autopilot crashes,” he said, adding that it “is basically almost none relative to the paucity of media coverage of the 1.2 million people that die every year in manual crashes.

And think carefully about this because if in writing some article that’s negative you effectively dissuade people from using autonomous vehicles, you’re killing people.


But when he’s not planning to send humans to Mars, Musk said he regularly debates whether humans actually exist in another civilization’s video game:-

I’ve had so many simulation discussions it’s crazy,” he said at Vox Media’s Code Conference last year. “In fact, it got to the point where basically every conversation was the AI-slash-simulation conversation, and my brother and I finally agreed that we’d ban any such conversations if we’re ever in a hot tub. Because that really kills the magic.


Musk has said AI could be our “biggest existential threat.”:-

So we need to be very careful with artificial intelligence,” he said. “I’m increasingly inclined to think that there should be some regulatory oversight, maybe at the national and international level, just to make sure that we don’t do something very foolish. With artificial intelligence, we’re summoning the demon.”

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