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Exciting news in “Global Technology” Pakistan’s Prodigy – “Ali J. Siddiqui” teams up with “Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron” on the Advisory Board of Afiniti

With the growing era of digitalization and artificial intelligence, it is a proud moment to recognize the fact that young Pakistani entrepreneur Mr. Ali J. Siidiqui joins the Board of Afiniti – the world’s largest artificial intelligence startup that is valued over a billion dollars. Afiniti, the world’s leading supplier of AI-based behavioral pairing technology, reported the incorporation of Pakistan’s former Ambassador to the US – Ali J. Siddiqui to its Advisory alongside the former British Prime Minister David Cameron just as the expansion of the ex-US Vice Chairman of Joint Chefs of Staff, Admiral William Owens.

Mr. Siddiqui joined a senior group of former and current businessmen alongside political pioneers on the Advisory Board, who furnish Afiniti on a global level. Afiniti’s Advisory Board meets quarterly to give insight to the organization on issues identified with strategy, growth and technology.

Afiniti is an Artificial Intelligence provider with a startup valued at over “$1Bn USD”. The company is known as a “Global Unicorn,” reinventing how businesses communicate with their customers. It utilizes artificial intelligence to distinguish subtle and significant examples of human interaction so as to correlate people based on their behaviour, prompting more successful interactions and measurable increments in large business profits. It works all through globally and has measurably gained billions of dollars in gradual incentive to its customers, which include organizations in healthcare, telecommunications, travel, hospitality, utility, insurance and banking, among other industries with large, consumer-facing operations.

Ali J. Siddiqui will be working alongside Lord John Browne – CEO BP, Andrew Knight – Chairman Times Newspapers, Andrea Wong-Director Liberty Media International amongst others on the board of Afiniti. The advisory board is full of high-profile names, including Andrew Knight, the Chairman of The Times and The Sunday Times, Francois Fillon, the Former Prime Minister of France and Simon Murray, the Former Glencore Chairman. Thus welcoming Mr Ali and the new developed council of Afiniti, Mr. Zia Chisti – CEO Affiniti conveyed to his people that he strongly believes their addition will support Afiniti in “the next stage of growth.”

Mr. Siddiqui held high-level roles at several Pakistan-based companies before founding JS Bank in 2006. He has held Board directorships and executive roles at a number of leading philanthropic organizations, including acting as CEO of the Mahvash & Jehangir Siddiqui Foundation. He became Special Assistant to the Prime Minister of Pakistan in 2017, before becoming Ambassador of Pakistan to the United States in 2018.

Zia Chishti, Chairman and CEO of Afiniti, said:We are delighted to welcome David, Bill and Ali to Afiniti. Our Advisory Board has a diverse array of senior business and political leaders who provide invaluable guidance to the company as we expand around the world. At Afiniti, we’re proud to be delivering real benefits through our AI technology today, helping to drive significant value to clients across industries. Afiniti is about raising the productivity of companies. David’s deep personal commitment to this issue makes him perfectly-placed to lead our Advisory Board, and all three new Board members will support Afiniti in our next stage of growth.”

As quoted by David Cameron, Chair of the Advisory Board of Afiniti: “The Government I led took a wide range of steps to ensure the UK was successful in the new tech industries: developing Tech City; supporting a FinTech ecosystem; ensuring that the UK was the best place for tech entrepreneurs to start and scale a business; sequencing genomes; and creating the Government Digital Service, which has become a world leader digitizing public services. As part of this work, I was excited to see the rapid development in Artificial Intelligence and the huge potential AI has to address some of the challenges that societies face today. I have been exploring developments in AI for some time to better understand how industry and policy-makers can collaborate in solving these challenges and ensuring that AI serves people’s everyday lives. I am therefore delighted to have been asked to chair Afiniti’s Advisory Board, helping support their work to transform the future of customer service and interpersonal communications.”

There is no doubt in appreciating the fact that Pakistan has gained great recognition on the global stage. It is because of people like Mr. Ali J. Siddiqui that are playing a vital role in representing Pakistan with pride and recognition that we all wish to see in the current era. Thus, it is because of the efforts of such individuals that Pakistan will grow and progress, with special thanks to Mr. Ali J. Siddiqui for his commendable efforts and untiring days of struggle to put up a name worthy for Pakistan across the globe!

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