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Elon Musk is recruiting people for Tesla’s giant battery factory

By now we have all learned anything Elon Musk in never conventional, even something as mundane as hiring people to work for him he makes it in to something enjoyable. Musk took to twitter to promote job openings for Tesla’s Gigafactory, which the company is using to make battery cells and drivetrains for its electric cars. The factory is located in Sparks, Nevada.elon musk gigafactory jobs

The Gigafactory will contain over five million square feet once it’s finished, and Musk claims it will be able to make more battery cells than any other lithium-ion battery factory in the world.Image result for gigafactoryBeing able to make battery cells on a large scale is an essential part of Musk’s plan to make both the batteries and the electric cars they’re used in more affordable. While Tesla has struggled to produce its first mass-market electric car, the Model 3, so far, Musk has said the company plans to accelerate production in 2018.


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