Bill Gates does not regret dropping out of Harvard
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Bill Gates does not regret dropping out of Harvard

Failures are important! The winners emerge when you get up, crawl through the failures, conquer and win! This is important as there are less people who understand this mantra and get on; when faced with hardships and defeats. And, Bill Gates is one of the trailblazer. His story can be considered as one of the most inspiring life struggles of all time.

Few know that Bill Gates was a college dropout. In 1975, he left the prestigious Harvard University and co-partnered to found Microsoft. Dropping out may have been a life-changing thing for many, but Bill Gates didn’t let it become a failure and directed this sudden transformation towards the path of success. According to him, he may have missed on the very important stage of his life, but, he learnt each and everything through his professional career that he could have done in the university.

During his interview to Bloomberg, Bill Gates said that he never missed a chance to gain knowledge and acquire wisdom even though he never went to university.

He revealed that his mind-set and the way he was tuned never made him a person who sticks to the rules and regulations and he seldom attended classes. As per him, the ultimate secret of his success was reading and he firmly adopted this habit through the years. Bill Gates used to take online classes to understand the complex things that made him who he is today.

Finally, he also said that due to his urge to gain knowledge from any possible mediums, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is providing a versatile education to people of all sort of mediums and age groups. The inspiring part about his journey is that the same university he dropped to start his own foundation, Harvard University, awarded him a honourary degree.

“If you don’t build your own dream someone will hire you to build theirs”- and Bill Gates prove this better than anyone else.

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