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Zellbury – Adapting to the digital landscape

We live in a time where internet connections are as easily accessible to the general population as electricity, a true testament to people’s ability to access information. A large source of this information has rapidly become through social media, a medium that has become ingrained in all of our lives and is one that is here to stay. Social media engagement is at an all-time historic high within the nation, with an estimated user base of 35 Million as of 2018, 93% of which are primarily mobile users. A high quantity of which are the country’s youth and market dictators.

With this growing digital shift as is to be expected, advertisers and brands alike are shifting their focus away from primarily conventional print and television avenues towards utilizing this digital medium as a way to connect with their audience and grow their reach. A common approach has been to take campaigns set for conventional mediums and just plaster them onto social media platforms and websites alike in efforts to increase reach.

It is however, refreshing to see brands adapting to this new age in advertising in a way that focuses primarily on social media platforms. Zellbury is one such brand, having created one of the first vertical shot adverts for the fashion industry in Pakistan, they have truly studied their audience and put together an informed marketing strategy. With a youth focused target demographic, the tone and creative concept is perfectly catered to peak their interest. Directed and shot by Irfan Junejo, a fixture in Pakistani youth culture, showcasing Pakistani lifestyle the advert was paired with an engaging rap song to cater to the youth.

All the creative direction aside what draws us most to the advert is their usage of a vertical video format, one that fits perfectly to mobile phones screens. This forward thinking adaptive behavior allows for social media users to instantly be drawn to the video while scrolling through their timelines. This consumer foresight and insight has led Zellbury’s latest campaign to see meteoric success amassing over 1Million views across social media platforms under twenty-four hours, a number that continues to rise.

This forward thinking and adaptive behavior is what is needed in this altering business environment to stay abreast with evolving consumers.

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