Here comes the world's "Most Secure Phone" & Trump also wants it!
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Here comes the world’s “Most Secure Phone” & Trump also wants it!

An Emirati cyber security company DarkMatter has revealed new smartphone named as ‘KATIM’ and it is not just an ordinary smartphone. KATIM has been claimed to be the world’s most secure phone and the claims have actually been proven to be true.

As revealed by the company officials, KATIM comes with a self-destructive technology. This high-end technology allows all sensitive data to be destroyed, in case of a prohibited access making the device completely non-functional.

Here comes the world's "Most Secure Phone" & Trump also wants it!

To further prove its worth and authenticity, DarkMatter’s CEO in an interview with Al-Arabiya stated:

“Moralist hackers were allowed to try KATIM when it was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress 2017, which was held in Barcelona last week. They tried to hack its data but they completely failed.”

The important and the most significant functionality of the phone is that it will provide secure communication channel among the government officials and seniors at intelligence.

The media reports have also followed that the US President Donald Trump has also commanded his security team to keep a track on the news and take a follow up on this Emirati phone. Trump also want to buy the world’s most secure phone, so that he can get rid of his conventional Android phone which has become a serious security threat for his functions as a President.

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