BAD NEWS! WhatsApp will stop working on these phones by June 30
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BAD NEWS! WhatsApp will stop working on these phones by June 30

WhatsApp has announced that it is going to discontinue the support for all Windows 7 mobile phones by June 30, 2017. The announcement has come as another shock to the messaging application users throughout the world, as the app a few time ago discontinued the service for BlackBerry and older Windows phones.

The Facebook-owned application in its latest news announced that the facility will be disconnected with no chatting options available for the Windows 7 users.

But, on the flip side, Windows 8 and Windows 10.1 users will get a mega update for WhatsApp. A size tab will be introduced for the users, through the help of which users will be able to know the data space that is being eaten by the app.

WhatsApp, as of lately, has become vigilant with regards to its policies of supporting older phones. After BlackBerry, it seems that Windows 7 users will have to find a suitable alternative for this app.

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