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Uber UK to give its drivers electric vehicles in order to reduce carbon emissions!

Uber will offer drivers in the U.K. electric cars from Nissan at a discount, the company said Friday, as it faces a potential ban in London.

The ride-hailing operator has signed an agreement with Nissan to introduce a fleet of 2,000 of the Japanese automaker’s Leaf hatchbacks for drivers using its app in Britain. While the deal is technically open to all U.K. drivers, it’s primarily targeted at those working in London, CNBC reported.

It’s part of a broader push from Uber to tackle air pollution in the U.K. capital by ensuring all of its vehicles are fully electric by 2025. In 2018, the company announced plans to charge passengers in London 15 pence per mile on every trip to help its drivers buy electric cars.

According to CNBC, the deal with Nissan arrives at a difficult time for the company, which faces being blocked in the U.K.’s capital after Transport for London stripped it of its license. The company’s efforts on clean energy aren’t a coincidence.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has made it his priority to clean up the city’s dirty air, imposing a strict daily charge of £12.50 on drivers of older, polluting petrol and diesel vehicles in an area that’s been dubbed the ultralow emission zone.

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