Uber CEO gets into a heated argument, bashed by his own driver for dropping prices
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Uber CEO gets into a heated argument, bashed by his own driver for dropping prices

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick was slammed by his own driver, during a ride when his driver got pretty furious and angry. The tale of Uber Boss’ rough ride began over the company sloshing prices of the ride, in turn leading to a less wage pay of the workers. Here is a dashboard camera video of the driver which surfaced soon after the incident:

The driver Fawzi Kamel and Travis got into a pretty bad fight in San Francisco, when the former complained of being short on money due to the changing business model of Uber aiming to cater more and more masses. The ride hailing app keeps on offering discounts and new packages which are beneficial for them, but damaging in money for the drivers.

“I lost money — $7,000 — because of you. I’m bankrupt because of you,” Kamel said angrily.

“Bulls—,” Kalanick shouted more furiously.

On the other hand, Kamel tried to explain the situation of drivers led by the lower fares but Kalanick couldn’t listen to him and told him that these problems are created by them only

When Kamel tried to explain why lower fares have led to him making less money, Kalanick reacted angrily, telling Kamel that his problems are his own fault.

 “You know what. Some people don’t like to take responsibility for their own s—. They blame everything in their life on someone else.”

Though the incident happened on 5th February, the video has just been made viral by Uber. However, as per the latest news reports the Uber CEO has apologized to the driver and public for not talking properly and showing utmost ignorance to a serious issue.

The recent incident is just another string of arguments and displease erupted by Uber drivers who are not being paid their proper wage.

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