Uber Banned!
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Uber Banned!

The highly soaring car-booking app ‘Uber’ could be facing a ban in Taiwan, after being claimed of not operating lawfully in the country according to state officials.

The authorities have admitted to the fact that Uber’s license may even be revoked as it had initially been registered as a software company. However, the government is opting to discuss options on Uber and its said issues. The California-based company said it would welcome the discussion.

“We thank the Executive Yuan for demonstrating leadership and willingness to open a meaningful dialogue,” the company told the BBC.

Uber, which connects drivers to passengers through their smartphones, was initially told it had to wait until 11 August to discover whether the service would be banned. But later on Wednesday the government announced it would hold a meeting next week to discuss possible amendments of existing laws to keep Uber in the country.

“Uber is not legal under our existing laws and regulations,” said Tong Zhenyuan, a spokesman of the Executive Yuan, as quoted by local press agency CNA. “The government will take a comprehensive review and come up with a relevant policy and establish a system of fair competition,” he said.

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