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Transform and Upgrade to win at life with Haier

  • Haier has always inspired innovation, one such event is the Brand Seminar 2019 held on 23rd January 2019, which has an annual event to celebrate innovative products. Brand Seminar is one such event for Haier where everyone comes together to explore more avenues to pursue evolution of products to the best form possible.

Haier Brand Seminar 2019 proved to be an event that kept the promise of “Transformation, upgrading, winning” like the slogan which was chosen for it. The event began with the recitation of the Holy Quran and preceded with speakers who enlightened the audience about the launches of the products. The launches included remarkable feature upgrades and design elevation. Peshawar Zalmi players like Kamran Akmal, Umar Ameen, Sohaib Maqsood and many other star cricketers attended the event. The audience was star struck and enjoyed their presence thoroughly.

There were 5 lucky winners selected from amongst the dealers who were showered with Haier’s exciting gift hampers. The event ended with a music concert which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

Dealers were of the view that Haier made Brand Seminar 2019 an event that will be remembered for its innovative and entertaining values.

Haier launched the Air Conditioners which is the best Air Solution, not only does it cool or heat the air. It also purifies it from the dust and pollution, making it an ideal Air Conditioner. All the attendees at Haier Brand Seminar 2019 were amazed bythe Experience Zones. The process of purification was explained through the demonstration. There were live demonstrations of the Haier Filter which purifies the air and is a complete Air solution in the Haier Puri Inverter Air Conditioners.

Haier Refrigerator with an IFD Inverter, is all set to revolutionize the Refrigerators to the next level. The added feature of IFD Inverter will make the refrigerator more efficient and user-friendly. Everyone that attended was amazed to see the test video explaining the icing and freezing technology.

A visual experience of excellence with 86” Led TV with android smart platform will provide an easier sharing experience to the consumers. The demonstration was an eye-candy and everyone present was delighted to see the wide-screen HD view.

In Washing Machines, the Triple Drive System is going to enhance the performance of Haier washing machines for better wash.

The Deep Freezer are launched with inverter technology, it saves energy and a glass door to make them a user-favorite.

Haier Cooking offers not just cooking range with risk-free control system which manages gas leakage etc but a wide variety of small domestic appliances like microwave, air fryer, toaster, sandwich maker, kettles, water dispensers etc.

The Dealers, Zalmi players and even the Haier family was pleasantly surprised with the new Launches and proud of the achievements of Haier as a brand. One dealer during Experience Zone visits was so excited about the new launched Air Conditioner and Refrigerator that he exclaimed, “Haier has done it again, and the innovative features are a smart solution to everyone’s problem, best brand ever!”

Haier has always proved that it is a brand that matches the standards of the growing and evolving industry. At brand seminar it was evident that Haier believes in transforming lives for the better while upgrading their users to the next best thing to help them always stay ahead and win at life, hence, the slogan “Transformation upgrading winning” for this year’s brand seminar. The audience and attendees at Brand Seminar were glad to be a part of a star-studded event that made history with its successful product launches.

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