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Toyota IMC increases its car prices by up to rs.830, 000

Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC) is increasing the prices of its cars by up to Rs. 830,000. It has increased the prices for the third time in 2019. Just like the previous price hikes, this one has evolved in the face of the depreciating value of the rupee against the US dollar.

Here are the new prices.

Toyota XLI MT

Current Price: Rs. 2,109,000

New Price: Rs. 2,499,000

Difference: Rs.390,000

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Current Price: Rs. 2,184,000

New Price: Rs. 2,599,000

Difference: Rs.415,000


Current Price: Rs.2,364,000

New Price: Rs.2,749,000

Difference: Rs.385,000


Current Price: Rs.2,439,000

New Price: Rs.2,849,000

Difference: Rs.410,000

Altis 1.6

Current Price: Rs.2,674,000

New Price: Rs.3,149,000

Difference: Rs.475,000

Altis 1.8 MT

Current Price: Rs.3,069,000

New Price: Rs.3,299,000

Difference: Rs.230,000

Altis 1.8 CVT

Current Price: Rs.3,205,000

New Price: Rs.3,449,000

Difference: Rs.244,000

Grande MT SR

Current Price: Rs.3,260,000

New Price: Rs.3,499,000

Difference: Rs. 239,000

Grande CVT FR

Current Price: Rs.3,409,000

New Price: Rs.3,699,000

Difference: Rs.290000

Fortuner  4X4

Current Price: Rs.7,819,000

New Price: Rs.8,649,000

Difference: Rs.830,000

Fortuner 4X2

Current Price: Rs.7,299,000

New Price: Rs.7,999,000

Difference: Rs.700,000

Automakers and bike companies have recently increased the prices following the record-high US dollar price against the Pak Rupee.

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