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Top airlines of 2018 according to global survey

According to customer survey and reviews it has been concluded through a global survey that these are the most talked about airlines this year:

Singapore Airlines is the top pick. One of the world’s largest airlines, Singapore Airlines is TripAdvisor users’ top pick of 2018. The airline serves popular destinations like London, Sydney, Bangkok, Frankfurt and, of course, Singapore. Reviews give thanks for the crew members and efficient service.

Qatar Airways travels to every inhabited continent. Based at Hamad International Airport in Qatar, Qatar Airways travels to 145 destinations on every inhabited continent. Many reviews reported that the airline’s business class offers the best service in air travel.

Emirates Air is known for their customer service and comfortable seats. The largest airline in the Middle East, Emirates flies internationally to more than 78 countries. Reviews say that the airline’s customer service is superb and that the seats provide plenty of room for getting comfortable on long-haul flights.

Korean Air has good food, according to users. Known for its colorful turquoise planes, Korean Air flies to around 100 international destinations. Travelers love the great customer service as well as that the airline offers traditional Korean food including bibimbap, according to reviews.

Japan Airlines (JAL) flyers love their food selection. Tokyo-based Japan Airlines serves 60 destinations in Japan and more than 30 international destinations on five continents. Customers mentioned the food selection was one of their favorite features; apparently, the airline serves excellent dishes, including miso soup, a wide selection on entrées, and an ice cream dessert.

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