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Timberland new campaign highlights new avenues for trade workers.

Timberland Pro, came up with the idea of the campaign is to fulfill the skill gap among the trade workers and different initiatives could help and rebuild communities around the world.

According to Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute, by 2028 up to 3 million skilled trade jobs will be vacant. Timberland Pro wants to help close the skills gap by championing the trades and providing support for the next generation of skilled workers through two new spots as part of the campaign.

The new Campaign features a construction worker rebuilding a home in the fire-ravaged town, set to the voices of newscasters reporting on the widespread damage. It concludes with the text “Builders are even more important when they become rebuilders.”


The second part of the campaign “it takes many hats to feed the world” highlights the multi-dynamic approach and creates an impact on how we need to educate the workers, enabling them to understand and learn new growth opportunities. The spot features a farmer, who has multiple skills, the idea is to show multi-tasking with modernizing skill set.


The campaign was launched to celebrate the 20th anniversary, by focusing on the well-being of communities around the world.

Campaigns like these highlight important factors of our society, and it always stays in the mind of the people.



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