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Tiktok plans to shift its headquarters outside of China.

0ne of the leading entertainment social application is trying to shed its Chinese image by setting up a new headquarters in a different country, reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Business Insider reported that, TikTok and by extension, its parent company ByteDance have been under intense scrutiny from US lawmakers because a Chinese firm created it. Senators have called for investigations into censorship on the app, as well as whether the app poses a national security threat.

Last week the US navy banned TikTok from being installed on government-issued phones. Reports have already emerged of TikTok trying various strategies to distance itself from its Chinese roots.

According to sources, the Journal that Singapore, London, and Dublin are all potential candidates for the new HQ. One source said the idea for an HQ abroad has been in the works for months. TikTok does not currently have an HQ, although its main office is in Los Angeles and its chief executive works out of Shanghai.

A TikTok representative did not directly address whether the company was considering a new HQ when asked by the Journal.

It was stated that “We have been very clear that the best way to compete in markets around the globe is to empower local teams… TikTok has steadily built out its management in the countries where it operates.”

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