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This startup is helping survivors of partition see their homes again with VR tech

A startup Project Dastaan is making use of virtual reality devices to help Partition survivors see their ancestral homes, just like they remembered it.

This initiative is using detailed VR environments to help 75 participants relive their childhood. They can now see their ancestral homes once again prior to the events of 1947.

The process involves the use of bespoke 360-degree digital experiences specific to each participan

Project Dastaan, is a ‘VR peace-building initiative‘. Hence the project’s name ‘Dastaan’ which means ‘story’ in Urdu.

While some are swept by nostalgia, others are happy about the Indo-Pak partition. This project aims to present a whole spectrum of sentiments about the Partition.

It all started when founders Sparsh Ahuja and Ameena Malak both sat down to swap partition stories. Even though the founders didn’t have their own stories, they ended up reminiscing about their grandparents’ experiences before Partition. And so came the development of the VR technology that has made rounds across social

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