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The new Ford Gt is definitely more insane, find out here!

Undoubtedly, the new Ford GT is Ford’s Le Mans car for the road, and as such, is pretty hardcore.

But even the most hardcore cars have room to improve, and in 2020, Ford said the GT will get a couple of big upgrades including a bump in horsepower, a standard titanium exhaust system, and two new appearance options, Business Insider reported.

Ford announced the changes on Thursday, saying the roughly $500,000 GT will go from 647 horsepower to 660 horsepower for 2020 in addition to its other upgrades.

Buyers will also get a chance at two appearance options, including a “Liquid Carbon” one and a restyled heritage livery that harkens back to the famous Gulf racing scheme and Ford’s GT40 race car.

According to Business Insider, the GT is already limited, as Ford requires prospective owners to apply for the chance to own it, and these new appearance packages will be even harder to acquire. The manufacturer plans to roll out around 12 examples per year of the Liquid Carbon edition, along with approximately 50 Heritage Editions this year, according to a Ford spokesperson who spoke with Road & Track.


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