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Telenor Pakistan conducted an event on Digitizing Pakistan through APIs

Among the top telecom companies, Telenor Pakistan has been critical for digitization push in the country and this fact was highlighted by the first-ever “Digitizing Pakistan Through APIs” thought leadership summit conducted at its award-winning 345 campus.

The forum attracted industry experts, government officials, small and large businesses, startups, digital distribution, and retail partners along with top management of Telenor Pakistan. It discussed the importance and role of APIs in making sure the benefits of digitization are democratized and reach across the population.

Speaking on the occasion, Khurrum Ashfaque, Chief Technology Officer, Telenor Pakistan and Cluster CTO Emerging Asia, Telenor Group said:

Telenor Pakistan is at the forefront in enabling the digital ecosystem in the country and events like these give us the opportunity to exchange learning with different industries and sectors. Through this forum, we not only aim to promote collaboration on building an open API ecosystem, but also pave the way for the massive API economy that the world is gearing up for.

APIs create possibilities for digital interaction that we have come to expect and rely upon today and it’s only by forging partnerships and engaging our own business & tech talent in an open API environment that we can stitch together functions and build creative solutions to get informed, entertained, do business, run errands, and build a better tomorrow.

Telenor Pakistan’s first started contributing to the API ecosystem in 2017 when the organization initiated its API Gateway Project. Later, it introduced its very own developer portal. Since then, Telenor has worked tirelessly with developers and ecosystem builders to help boost and strengthen a robust API ecosystem in Pakistan.

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