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Tapal Danedar Replied Lipton In A Day, The Brands War Is On.

The war started where Tapal Danedar endorsed Fawad Khan for their brand that ad even got viral on internet too, after this Lipton casted Hamza Ali Abbasi in their recent Lipton TVC to show strength to Tapal.

There was a time when brands used to hit each other in a subtle way, but now it seems like there is no ethics for advertisements. While in the end of the ad Hamza adds: “Lipton P Yo Aik Baar Bhool Jaogay Daneedar, Pasand Na AAye Tou Paisay Wapis.”

This brand war did not ended here, Tapal came up with in a day with new creative TVC casting Aly Khan who is one of the powerful media person with strong voice and personality. Indeed Tapal also replied to lipton by making a Testimonial TVC in a day or so In ad it was showed “Tapal danedar tea taste challenge where Aly Khan asks audience to taste both of the brands, a girl tastes two cups of different brands but she loved the taste of Tapal Danedar, two males also admires Tapal tea. In the end Aly unveils the other brand which was un liked was Lipton moreover he adds that “Tou ye sabit hua Pakistaneon ki pasndeeda chai Tapal he hai, Chai ka label yellow ho ya orange, chai tou tapal danedar he hai.”

Indeed Tapal has always been the largest selling tea of Pakistan no wonder.

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