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Sunridge Foods spreading happiness and love with the message of growing together

The Heart Touching Ramadan Campaign of Sunridge Foods.

In the Holy month of Ramadan, every year viewers experience the overwhelming ads of different brands, while some brands advertise for their promotions and deals and the other highly focuses on the on raising the bar and reviving the spirit of Ramadan with an amazing positive message.

A successful marketing campaign is the one that is able to communicate its message in a way that it becomes more appealing to the audience. This time Sunridge Foods new Ramadan DVC has managed to grab the limelight with its emotional video with a strong message. The beauty and warmth of Ramadan is just indescribable but somehow this brand has perfectly captured it in their recent Ramadan Campaign.

“Saath Barhna, Ehsas Karna and Khayal Rakhna” an inspirational message shared by the brand portraying the beautiful meaning of growing together. Ramadan is the month which encourages people more for doing good deeds. We do care about others but do we really think along the lines of equality? We think it’s stereotypical now that we share what we don’t want to use for ourselves anymore. This ad breaks the stereotype and plants an important message of equality. We should always think good for others because taking care of small things in someone’s life may create a great difference. So this Ramadan lets work together and grow together.

People send in their thoughts as well that what’s Barhenge Saath means to them and what they do to make sure that the equality sustains.

The successful campaign made the brand able to collect the reviews and responses from different people by asking them what “BarhengeSaath” is for them and they got amazing positive reviews as highlighted below:

This Ramadan erase all the boundariesof inequality, spread happiness, love and care about each other.


Sunridge Foods started its operation in 2015 from Port Qasim Karachi. They launched their first product in 2017 by the name of Sunridge Chakki Atta. Sunridge Foods identified that wheat flour is a very important part of daily meals and it fulfills a major part of our nutritional needs.

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