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Sony Launches Xperia XZ3 with best display among the world’s leading smartphones

Only a few days after its official launch, the Sony Xperia XZ3 was getting a high distinction. Sony isn’t new to receiving such praise since the company usually comes up with some of the best smartphones on the market. It doesn’t happen for every model but we remember the Sony Xperia XZ Premium as the ‘Best New Smartphone at MWC 2017’. This was only last year. The Xperia XZ2 didn’t bag the same award but it did make an impress among the mobile consumers although we thought it’s really time for a change.

The Xperia XZ3 has a glass back that’s gently curved so the handset feel good in your hand – it manages to be comfy despite the sizeable, 6-inch, display. The curve is inviting and subtly sculpted. It’s arguably an easier fit in the hand than the latest phones from Samsung, Apple and Google, for instance.

There’s a notch, no, not on the screen, it’s a tiny indent on the back of the phone at the base. I’m not sure of its purpose but it makes for an interesting break of the line on the case. There are four colours of the XZ3. The sultry Forest Green looks especially good to my eyes, though I also like the pearlescent White Silver. There’s also Black if that’s what you fancy and a sumptuously bright Bordeaux Red.

The XZ3 is Sony’s first phone with an OLED display. You could argue that Sony has slipped a little in the phone display stakes compared to rivals. Even last year’s XZ2 had big gaps top and bottom as Samsung, LG and others were shrinking the gaps considerably.

This one goes much further and has way more screen than previous models, even if the chin and forehead are still noticeable. And the display certainly reaches right to the edges on the phone’s long sides.

This screen is easily on a par with rival handsets and, more importantly, highly attractive in its own right. Sony has made a bigger leap forward with this phone than any previous model.

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