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Sony To Create Emotional Robot That Bonds With Humans


Sony has announced to develop a robot capable of forming an emotional bond with the customers, the company’s CEO said while speaking at a shareholders meeting in Tokyo this week.

“The robots we are developing can have emotional bonds with customers, giving them joy and becoming the objects of love,” Hirai said.

Sony is re-entering the robots business after increased competition in the Asian markets led to massive cost cutting in 2006. It’s not surprising that Sony would want to get back in the game after it had made great progress a decade ago with AIBO dogs.

Hirai also announced that virtual reality will be another future area of growth for Sony.

Sony believes it’s well-placed to take advantage of the technology in areas like entertainment and digital imaging as well as gaming.

Hirai did not give specific details about Sony’s latest robot plans, instead highlighting other areas of future growth.

Virtual reality is seen by Hirai as one key business opportunity, with the Playstation VR system set to launch later this year.


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