Secure your WhatsApp messages from everyone now!
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Secure your WhatsApp messages from everyone now!

WhatsApp has recently introduced a new two-step verification process, which will help in increasing the safety and security of the users. The messaging giant was working on this security verification since a long time and it seems that the benefits have now been reaped.

In an official statement issued by WhatsApp, the company states:

“When you have the feature enabled, any attempt to verify your phone number on WhatsApp must be accompanied by the six-digit passcode that you choose.”

After the activation, users will have to enter a six-digit security code apart from the regular phone number, text message or voice call authentication. They will now be required to enter their code once every seven days, in case of forgetting it, the users can also register their email and use it for further correspondence.

Hide your WhatsApp messages from everyone now!

In order to activate this feature, just simply go to the ‘Settings’ option of your phone, tap the ‘Account’, and enable ‘Two-step verification’. This way no one will be able to verify your phone number along with snooping onto your messages without your permission.

WhatsApp took this step of introducing the verification process after increasing complaints of security breach from around the world. Massive quantity of app users were facing account loopholes, where other users will enter into their message history without any problem. Thus, we can expect this app to be more safer now.

WhatsApp new security feature is already available for some users around the world, however all the 1.2 million WhatsApp buffs will now be able to access it.

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