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Samsung launches LED that ‘boosts plant growth’

Samsung has launched an LED red package that boosts plant growth, the company announced. LH351B Red emits red waves at 660-nanometer (nm) wavelength that helps photosynthesis, the South Korean tech giant said.

The high-power LG351B Red, which consumes over 1 watt, is energy efficient and dissipates heat effectively to help farms save on costs, Samsung said. The South Korean tech giant has also added Photosynthetic Photo Flux (PPF), or light energy between 400nm to 700nm, on its other mid-powered LED packages LM301B and LM56C, which consumes less than 1 watt of power. It has also added PPF to its H influx and Q series LED modules.

These LED products will all be useful for usage in farms to boost growth and conserve energy, the company said. Samsung acquired US-based LED firm Yesco back in 2015 and has been widely adopting LED for its commercial products. The company is researching putting quantum dot on its MicroLED TV.

Rival LG has also launched its own lighting brand using OLED, aimed mostly at cars. LG’s 2018-model OLED TV installed at Incheon International Airport has shown signs of burn-in, only months after installation, reigniting worries over the long-term reliability of the technology.

The new device could be used for augmented reality applications, and could be simultaneously connected to multiple devices.

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