This Samsung app is helping people with disorders communicate easily
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This Samsung app is helping people with disorders communicate easily

Emojis were introduced to help people enjoy the boring and monotonous conversations by adding a witty element to them. But, who would have known that this silly addition if utilized to full potential could help people in improving their life too. By creating the Wemogee, Samsung app has just done that.

With the help of this app, the North Korean giant has learned to use its potential to the fullest by aiding people who have aphasia. What actually aphasia do is that it is a language-processing disorder, which makes it extremely difficult for people to write, read or even talk. This is why Samsung Electronics Italia in collaboration with a speech therapist Francesca Polini has created “Wemogee”.

The app replaces text with the help of emojis and can be used for both personal interactions and text messaging. The app supports Italian and English, with an Android version coming out in just a few short days, on April 28. iOS version is also expected to come out in a near future.

Wemogee has both textual and visual mode, with the capacity to create over 140 phrases in six different categories from emojis. As the phrase is created, the app translates it into text for non-aphasic users, whose response then goes back to emojis.

The app would be helpful in people with aphasia in a lot of ways, as these people have the capability to understand images, facial expression and different gestures easily. The only difficulty they face is while formulating words and that will so easily be now done through the Samsung app.


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