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RED’s $1200 smartphone and it’s futuristic technologies

The professional camera company RED announced it would release the “world’s first holographic media machine in early 2018. RED teased an image of the Hydrogen One and gave the popular YouTube tech reviewer known as MKBHD a nonfunctional prototype, but not much else was shared about the device for several months. Now however news has come.

Here’s a closer look at the Hydrogen One smartphone.

Immediately, you can see its design is much busier than those of most other smartphones. The back has a mix of metal and Kevlar, with a big dual-lens camera, four screws in the corners, a big ruby-like logo, and modular-accessory pins at the bottom.Image result for RED new smartphoneThe sides of the phone, meanwhile, are grooved to fit your fingers. On one side, there’s a power button that doubles as a fingerprint scanner, as well as a dedicated button for video recording.On the other side of the phone, you’ll see volume buttons.On the other side of the phone, you'll see volume buttons.

The front of the phone looks pretty standard, with a handful of speaker grilles dotted around a 5.7-inch display. But don’t expect the slim bezels of a Samsung Galaxy S8 or an iPhone X here. For the “holographic” mode,  the screen dims a bit before it pops out an image you can see without needing special glasses.

This “4V resolution” is “better than 3D,” but what that means isn’t completely clear.The “holographic” tech is optional if you want to use the Hydrogen One without it, you can. But it’s apparently going to have a very large battery for capturing and playing content. Buyers might want to take advantage of the size and the price.

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