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Puma makes its return in USA by opening a flag ship store in NYC.

Two years in the making, Puma has finally made its return by opening a massive store in Manhattan. It shows a confident come back by puma.

The Fifth Avenue store, which opened on Wednesday, 28 August, has been two years in development. Apparel from across the brand’s streetwear, performance sports, and exclusive fashion and kids collections is displayed at low density across the two floors.

People can also grab a cup of coffee from the upstairs barista, they can experience the soccer drills in an immersive digital training experience. Celebs will be invited to talk about the new space and promote the brand.

The store will have all kinds of clothes from kids to adults, fashion or sports.  Though, puma and other brands like Adidas and Under Armour are facing dominance by Nike.

The market officer of Puma is planning to increase the media spending to advertise the brand and create more awareness about the brand. The company also plans to tap into the market outside of urban areas.

To change marketing strategy, puma gave its $300m global media account to Havas at the end of 2018. This French advertising company plans to invest in the “infrastructure, procedures and policies” of the brand’s paid media practice in order for it to increase marketplace awareness, particularly outside of urban areas.

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