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PTV fails to pay due payment even after 3 years

Scrolling down my Facebook homepage, I came about a very scrutinising status which may just have shown the present and future of Pakistan Television Corporation Ltd. (PTV).

Shehzad Anwar – Area Manager at JS Bank and owner/founder of Shehzad’s Photography – Aperture Studio posted a picture of a cheque sent to him by PTV which has the wrong title. Not only that, but the payment that cannot be cashed now due to the wrong title was actually due 3 years ago.

Where is our media leading? What has gone so wrong that an amount due for 3 years still could not be recovered by the acclaimed and that too from a national based television channel? Has the government failed so bad into keeping things in track or is this simply a sign if PTV’s demise?

All I hope is that Mr Shehzad gets his long awaited payment soon, as this behaviours from PTV, which is a government based channel, is completely unethical, unacceptable and shameful.

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