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PIA brings the deceased loved one back home absolutely free

Pakistan International Airline (PIA) has announced to bring the deceased loved one back home for free, the press release issued by PIA confirming that now Pakistani Nationals can avail this offer. PIA is the only airline brings back your deceased loved one home, absolutely free!

There is no doubt that when the going gets tough the national flag carrier is there to support our people. Its long-standing tradition of helping people in their hour of need and legacy of serving the people of Pakistan are yet again seen in its service of bringing back the deceased Pakistani at no charge.

“This is Pakistan’s National Flag Carrier. Thank you, PIA, for this beautiful gesture.” Saqib Saleem

Not once, but many a times, PIA has stepped up and brought deceased loved ones’ home while other airlines refused to provide the service or were charging atrocious amounts of money. Not long-ago Emirates asked for a hefty amount to bring back the body of the lady who had died in Medinah on her way back from Umrah. When the husband, Saqib Saleem, contacted the PIA ticket office for the transport of the body, PIA took no time in coming to the rescue and brought home the body, along with her husband free of cost!

Although, the airline is facing challenges, it is meeting them head on. Recent measures taken to improve the airline have resulted in an expanding network and high revenues. The increased efficiency and timeliness have ensured a better flying experience for many passengers.

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