Pakistan among the fastest growing e-commerce markets says eBay CEO
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Pakistan among the fastest growing e-commerce markets, says eBay CEO

Chief Executive Officer, the American Inc and e-commerce company – eBay, claimed Pakistan of being amongst the fastest growing e-commerce markets in the world.

In a live session on the official page of World Economic Forum on Facebook, Wenig was questioned regarding his opinion on Pakistan and its emerging markets.

Wenig further remarked stating, “It’s the fastest growing markets we have around the world. Anywhere where wealth is growing and technology is being adopted, e-commerce is being adopted like crazy.”

According to the CEO of eBay, the greatest opportunity for e-commerce was found in countries where people grow in wealth and do not have the best access to goods. “People use e-commerce to get access to those goods”.

When asked why eBay has not yet set foot in Pakistan, Wenig said that the company did not have a local Pakistani version, however there are many customers of Pakistan buying from eBay sites.

“We absolutely encourage you to shop, and we will get our goods and services in Pakistan for sure. Go and use eBay in Pakistan,” Wenig added.

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