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One feature of the Tesla Model 3 that gives it a certain edge over other sedans

In some respects, the new Tesla Model 3 sedan is the wrong car for the current market in the US. People are buying lots of compact SUVs. In fact, some automakers now think that a structural change has occurred and that SUV’s have completely displaced passenger cars. Tesla plans to roll out a compact SUV, the Model Y, but until then, we have to content ourselves with the four-door.

The Model 3 has a conventional, manually operated trunk that is reasonably roomy. But compared with the cargo hatch of a compact SUV, the Model 3 looks a bit meager. That is until you get the Tesla’s secret cargo weapon.

The Model 3! It’s smaller than the Model S sedan, to be sure. But it has a large-sized trunk that could swallow up all of your grocery or equipment.It has a decent-sized trunk that could swallow up a lot of equipment.

The total cargo capacity for the Model 3 is 15 cubic feet.Tesla’s can have the extra space up front because all-electric cars don’t have a engine under the hood. And of course a front trunk.And of course a front trunk, or

The bottom line is that for day-to-day use, the Model 3 can perform about the same as a compact SUV. However, if you need to routinely strike out on long weekends with four or five passengers, the Model 3 would show the strain. That said, the fastback design is far more elegant and sporty that what you’d get in a compact SUV, with an up-swinging hatch.

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